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A broad variety of options are available for individuals living outside the United States who wish to come to the US for temporary periods to work, study, travel or engage in other activities.  These visas are broadly known as “non-immigrant” visas, as they do not provide permanent resident status to their holders, and when the visa term expires, the holder must either leave the US, extend their status, or shift to another visa type.

Discussions of some of the more common non-immigrant visa types are provided below, but there are many other categories into which you might fit.  Contact us to discuss your non-immigrant visa options.

B-1/B-2/Visa Waiver (Tourist/Business Travel to the US)

F-1 (Student)

H-1B (Temporary Worker)

K-1/K-3 (Fiancée /Spouse)

L-1 (Intra-Company Transfer)

O-1 (Worker of Extraordinary Ability/Musicians/Artists)