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Foreign individuals who wish to work in the United States on a permanent basis may obtain a green card through the filing of an employment-based green card petition.  The USCIS provides many different paths by which employment-based permanent residency can be achieved.  Certain paths are derived from the experience and/or education level required to perform the sponsored job, and others are related to investment in the United States or achievement of significant professional milestones.  A discussion of several of the more common employment-based green card paths is provided below:

First-Preference (Extraordinary Ability)

Second-Preference (Advanced Degree positions/Exceptional Ability/National Interest Waiver)

Third-Preference (Professional positions/Skilled Worker/Bachelor’s Degree)

Fourth-Preference (Special Categories)

Fifth-Preference (Investor)

Please note that the categories listed above are not exhaustive, and there are many other categories within which you might fall for your employment-based green card.  Contact us today to discuss your immigrant visa options.